Hey there!

I'm Daniel Moreno.

Born and raised in Venezuela but consider myself a global citizen. Always trying to find solutions to problems. Passionate about technology, innovation, and digital marketing. Lucky enough to have worked with a wide range of global brands while working as an SEM Strategist at VMLY&R.

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Who am I and Why I do

A bit about me

Drive innovation and create positive change are the two principles that I live by. I’m constantly forcing myself to learn new skills, which has allowed me to make an impact in every organization that I’m a part of. If I had a mission statement, that would probably be it. 

I currently work in the consulting and advertising industry, and my area of expertise is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I provide strategic guidance to global brands and help them reach their business goals by improving their viability on search engines. I’ve always found SEO fascinating and challenging at the same time, so that’s what keeps me engaged. 

Outside of my full-time job, I’m a digital creator. I’ve always been a very curious and creative person, and these days, I like making pieces of content with value. Regardless if it is a single Tweet or a long-form article.

Content Strategy
Social Media
Web Development
Technical SEO
Email Marketing
Search Trends Identification
work experience

Professionally speaking

Marketing has always been an area of interest to me. Back when I was still in high school, I used to be a DJ and use social media to self-promote my songs and DJ gigs. And that's pretty much how I got myself into Social Media Marketing.

As I got more serious about marketing as a career, I began to help local organizations in St. Louis reach their target audience using digital channels. Since then, I've been able to work with local startups, small marketing firms in St. Louis, and most recently, working at one of the most innovative advertising companies of 2020 (VMLY&R).

Over the years, I've worked with a lot of really smart people, and I've been able to learn from them and incorporate their good habits and expertise into my way of working. This has helped become a more robust marketer. But most importantly, it has put me in a better position to help and guide others.

VMLY&R – London, UK
Senior Connections Manager
Organic Search Strategist
May 2022 — Present
VMLY&R – London, UK
Connections Manager
Organic Search Strategist
Jan 2020 — May 2022
VMLY&R – Kansas City, USA
Assoc. Connections Manager
Organic Search
Jan 2019 — Jan 2020
VML – Kansas City, USA
Connections Intern
Organic Search
Jun 2018 — Aug 2018
Nitrous Effect – St. Louis, USA
Marketing and Comms. Intern
Sept 2017 — DEc 2017
Mascot Agency – St. Louis, USA
Digital Marketing Intern
May 2017 — Aug 2017
Academic background


Although YouTube videos, lots of reading, marketing blogs, and online courses helped me learned a lot, I'm not 100% a self-taught marketer.

I studied Marketing at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri from 2015 to 2018. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing in December 2018.

Awards and recognition
  • UK Search Awards 2022
    Finalist - Rising Star Award
  • Drum Search Awards 2020
    Finalist - Best B2B SEO Campaign
  • Vega Digital Awards 2019
    Centauri Winner - Integrated Campaign
    Centauri Winner - Marketing Effectiveness
    Arcturus  Winner - E-Commerce
Online Certifications
  • Microsoft
    Bing/Microsoft Advertising Certification - Jan 2020
  • Google
    Google Search Ads Certifications - Sep 2019
    Google Ads Fundamentals - Sep 2019
  • SEMrush
    Technical SEO Certification - Dec 2019
The Project

What is Moreduga?

You might be wondering, what does Moreduga mean? Well, Moreduga is just the combination of my two last names; Moreno and Dugarte. Pretty creative, huh?

I could say Moreduga is my personal brand. I want to use it as a platform to share the professional, but still creative, side of me. The idea is that this little brand will evolve as I progress in my career. This is not an advertising agency nor an attempt to become a marketing "guru".

This will just be me sharing the content of my interest with the hope to help and educate small creators/entrepreneurs.

Starting out, I want to use my blog (aka the Digital Marketing Hub) to share digital mkt tricks and tips that I've learned over time. Guides on how to do certain marketing tactics, use tools, or just sharing things that have worked for clients or me in the past. My friends have always used me as their go-to source for marketing questions. So hopefully, with this, I'm also able to reach and help a broader audience.

Start by reading my content guides and articles here.

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